WIFIPerf accessing issue

Anyone know, how can i access wifiperf in cnmaestro?
at the moment, i cannot see wifiper option anywhere in Cnmaestro…!!!

Did you read through this post?

Yes, I did.
Still cannot see wifiperf option in CnMaestro anywhere.

From the examples, it looks like WiFiperf is a cnMaestro pro (now know as cnMaestro X) feature. That being said, I have cnMaestro X cloud, and I cannot find the WiFiperf features that the document discusses.

Another thing that the article specifically mentions is that is used for cnMaestro on-premise… no mention of cnMaestro cloud is made.

Are you using cnMaestro on-premise or cloud, and if so, is cnMaestro X trial enabled?

Wi-Fi Performance is a On-Prem feature exclusively. So we will not see this feature in cloud accounts.

In On-Prem, We have enable this feature under Administration → Settings → Advanced features → WiFiPerf Deamon

To Test, Below is the path: