WiFiPerf - network requirements? - ePMP/450 support?

I have cnmaestro on-premise installed in our office.  What I'm seeing for WiFiPerf is that we need to allow for UDP and TCP connections to port 18301 to CnMaestro and that we should have no NAT between the AP's and CnMaestro.  I'm pretty sure that's all covered, but I'm still getting an error "There might be some issue with the network" followed by "Could not connect to rx station".  Is there anything else I should be looking for?

Second question, will there ever be support for this feature on ePMP or PMP450?

We need to see if there is any port block or firewall issue between AP and maestro.
Could you please share how is AP connected to maestro? Which device type you using and what is the version running on the AP ?

To answer for ePMP/PMP support as such there is no plans.