wildest install

hello all there is a post about the strangest sale.

how about the wildest install.

been doing some wild stuff in the land of the trees lateley

cut a pine off at the 50’ mark and attatch a pole to it go get me up to the 65 - 70 ft mark.

i usually leave some growing material below the wind level to keep the tree alive and we have not using guy wires it seems to support itself.

of course we have to gnd that lightning rod we just made.

we occasionally put 20ft poles onto of roofs…

it looks the biz…

Here is our Wildest so far!!!

all he needs is a parachute and he is a base jumper in the making…

Poor little bugger, what happend to him? :frowning:


Holy crap! :shock: How high was he up?

i think the poor lil guy was just cold :stuck_out_tongue:

vince wrote:
i think the poor lil guy was just cold :-P

I get cold too, but I don't climb towers just to warm up. haha :lol: Although I do hide behind dishes to get out of the wind.


i had too…sorry. but i was laughing so hard when i saw that picture :lol: :lol:

haha Maybe that’s the competition’s installers. :lol:


we are not sure what happened to him. That was at about 300’. I wasnt about to lost a hand trying to help him down, I figured he found his/her way up there he/she can find their way down!! I didnt see anything laying around the base the last time I was there so I assume the made it down ok!

aw come on have a heart, What’s the loss of a couple of fingers, if you can give the poor guy/gal a couple more days to live before being ran over by a car!

I found a dead bird about 240’ up once. It looked like it got it’s neck stuck between a 7/8" cable and the tower leg. Weird. Looked like it had been there while too.