will 2.4 system provide mobile solution?

Does 2.4 canopy allow customers who have 802.11 wireless built into their laptops and PDA’s to get onto the network. This would be a nice feature for some of our clients in city markets.

We have alot of real estate agents as clients and that would come in handy for them to be able to acess their data and files while on the move as long as they are under our umbrella…

Do you have to have an SM to access the system or is there any other add-on that will allow this feature?

Any help would be appreciated.

As things stand today, unfortunately not. You need a Canopy Subscriber to connect to a Canopy Access Point, which means generic 802.11 WLAN cards aren’t going to help.

The closest you could get for generic use is to have a standard off the shelf WLAN Access Point to connect local users with standard WLAN cards. This AP would then have a back end ethernet connection to a Canopy Subscriber which would then connect back to the Canopy Access Point. Of course this isn’t really suitable for users on the move, they would still need proximity to the WLAN AP.

I’ve heard rumours of a Canopy client subscriber module on the horizon (e.g. that would fit in your laptop) but nothing definite.