Will a Yagi lower my power level from what the Integrated is

Hey all I am back again. Got another issue not related to ISP issues. Today I started having interference again. Just to give a quick story. First time around I was on the 924 and had 2 phones and a bad phone line causing the problem. Got the neighbors hooked up and that problem disappeared. ISP switched to the 908 because of the noise level at the 924. Everything has been good for almost 2 weeks then yesterday I got knocked out. Only once so I thought nothing of it. Today its been probably 20 times. After checking the known problems I had before and verifying they where not it I checked the spectrum analyzer when I went down.
Since I cant add pics I will tell you what it said. I was being overpowered from the 910-918. My power was at -75 - -76 and whatever was killing me was at -61. Now after monitoring it a few times when down I was able to see that sometimes it will be down from 5-45 mins. Other times it will be in and out faster than you can watch it register then scan then register again. When it does this its only the 910 that is usally -1db lower than me.

So my question is will a connectorized SM with a Yagi lower my power enough to get above this Knockout? I am usually at -73 to -80 power with Integrated SM. What really sucks is after moving me to the 908 the 924 is now quiet. If you all want pics I can try to host them somewhere and link them.

Thanks in advance[/img]

I’m not trying to say I told you so but…

Way back I said you needed a 9000SMC with a Yagi. that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Yes you did. My real question is more will it decrease my power level enough to get below the -61 that killing me from -75 to -78 that I am now.

From my experience a Yagi will increase your power level by as much a 6dB over the integrated antenna. A Yagi also rejects interference from off-axis sources.

If I had to guess from several thousand miles away without having ever done a spectrum analysis of the area and not seeing the terrain, foliage, current installation, or tower location/installation…

Yes, the yagi will do it.

i would recommend an 18dB yagi - you can always lower the output power of the radio if it is overloading the AP

Jerry, where do you get your 18db yagi’s from?

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Are those the same old flimsy 18dbi yagis Jerry?

How do I know if I am overpowering the AP? I have permission to make changes to the SM.

Have the WISP log into the AP and see what the power level is from your SM. You are looking to get it within a 10dB window, and the bottom of the window should be whatever the lowest Registered SM is.

for example if he has 20 SM’s, and the weakest SM is at -78, you do not want your SM to be more than -68. Ideally it would be right in the middle at -73. You would attain this by lowering the SM’s transmit power in 3dB increments until you hit the desired power level.

What is the reason you want everyone within 10 of each other?

Jerry Richardson wrote:

The best analogy I have is this:

You have someone standing 10' from you shining a 10watt flashlight (SM) into your eyes (AP).

There is another person standing 100' from you shinging a 10w flashlight (SM) toward your eyes (AP).

All you can see is the closer flashlight because your eyes are desensitized to the weaker light.

Dim the closer flashlight (lower SM transmit power) so that both flashlights are equally bright in your eyes and you will be able to both with no problems.

The reason for 10dB is that it's pretty difficult to get them all exactly the same (although that would be ideal). A 10dB window allows for variances and still seems to perform well.

Not sure I can give you a better analogy, so I quoted one that I know is right =P.

That makes sense. I know that I am only 5 away from the guy down the road. The problem I am dealing with now is at least consistent. Happens about every hour and lasts 3-10 mins. Yagi’s will be coming shortly but I am still trying to locate the noise.