Will ePMP be efficient?i want a install and forget hardware for WISP to cover a radius of 2 mile.

 i want a install and forget hardware for WISP to cover a radius of 2 mile.Will ePMP be efficient?

I want least possible maintainance ,high efficiency and long life hardware.

if anyone having experience working with ePMP series please share your exp.

If you're new to Cambium and wireless in general, the ePMP line would probably be a good place to start your wireless journey. There are a lot of variables to consider when deploying wireless, but based on the very limited information you've provided, I think that the ePMP line would work well for you.

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For the price, they are the most spectral efficient and flexible units I've worked with.  We have a strict LOS only policy and I never really have to mess with our deployments.  In my opinion, Cambium has spent considerable  time improving these radios from what they were in the beginning.  The secret is out on these ePMP units which to me is a shame because I used to pick them up on eBay real cheap from people who didn't like them and then I'd go deploy them and have a greater ROI.  Now every vendor is out of stock all the time and you have to scramble to get anything. 

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I Aditya , from India is starting a WISP using ePMP 1000 5GHz.

The area of my town is roughly 1mile in radius (2mile in Diameter) and 70 users(4mbps) using at a time .

As you are experienced with the working of ePMP 1000 module,

As Mean Time Between Failure is not given for ePMP 1000,I want to know from you

1)The Efficiency in providing uninterupted service

2)The life of hardware. 

I want to avoid the problems like speeds going down,regular maintainance,short life of hardware hence replacement from time to time.

Thats why you views will be deeply appreciated.