Wimax Compatibility

I’ve great fun testing wimax Equipment:

- Plugged an Intel 6250 Card in my HP Elitebook.
- After some Support Calls with HP I see they have a whitelist
which doesnt allow to plug any wimax-card into my Notebook.
- After some googling I found an unsupported Bios-Patch to disable the
whitelist -> Card is working now (at least the Wlan-Part)
- Searching for a wimax Network -> Nothing found
- After some googling I see that Intel Software does only allow to search
some preconfigured Networks. Online Doc shows an option “Extended Search”
which is not there
- Calling Intel Support just reroutes me to HP-Support, no hint, no number, nothing
- Operator Files are scrambled, no hidden knob found to set frequency/Bandwidth.

Is this what’s Wimax is about? And this is the big wimax backing Intel brother?

Anyone tested a wimax/wlan mini pci card which is working?

As I read it, that card supports wimax at 2.3ghz, 2.5ghz, and 3.5ghz bands, but NOT 3.65ghz band.


I have 3,5GHz Spectrum :slight_smile: