wimax devices

Dear all,

I am planning to use 4th generation WImax devices in our internet market… But i dont have full idea about the devices which are better… please any one have idea then share… which device have better coverage…better performance and much more…


many will say it go’s through trees but is dose not

tranzeo is the cheapest
and the only one’s that will tell you the truth
you can also do a free live chat with them at

thanks i will talk to them…

lol Tranzeo

If Tranzeo’s WiMAX line is anything like the rest of their products, RUN!

Aperto and Alvarion make WiMAX gear. We looked into Alvarion’s stuff but it is very expensive.

We’re looking very seriously at the WiMAX stuff from Redline as it got opened up in Canada last month. About the same price as 900 MHz Canopy with performance and versatility far surpassing our 2.4 GHz stuff. Will keep you posted if interested.

Which band?

Oops sorry - 3.65 GHz