Wireless beehive question

Have anybody tried putting a stinger on a BH that is already on a reflector. We just did that on a BH that had a -79 Db signal and was having trouble staying up. It improved the signal to -67 Db, however, we have been unable to reproduce this improvement in other BHs. Any ideas?

thats pretty creative…i never even thought of doing that…

I made some homemade dishes and i covered the pan in a tinfoil like tape and the focal point of the dish is so small that the stingers shouldnt do anything in that config. are the reflectors you are using the moto ones or from beehive?

you may want to try to repostioning the modem on the dish arm to see if you cant get better connectivity.


We are using all kinds of dish. The test I mentioned was on a moto dish. The one with the white plastic support. We also have some of the old moto dishes, those with the all-metal support pipe. May be that what it is. We haven’t been able to reproduce the improvement but at the same time we haven’t been consistent with the dishes we tried. Thanks for the ideas, we’ll try that