Wireless Beehive Test Adapters-What's Your Opinion?

Hey everyone,

I ordered a 2.4 Test Adapter and am waiting for it to get here. I am just curious what anyone who has used these adapters thoughts are on how well they work. Every AP we have out there is either a Cyclone with a 15 dB omni or a connectorized AP (connector soldered to the board) that goes to an omni or sectors. If anyone can speak to how the test adapters compare to a Cyclone or connectorized AP, that would be especially helpful. I have never used a full 6 AP array, so I am not too concerned about a comparison to that.

I will also report back once I have tested the adapter for everyone’s info.


We tried three of them out, two different sets, disasterous results both times, we actually had something like a 15% loss across the board. This was just our experience as it seems everyone else has had great luck with them.

However, we were discussing this the other day, we tried these out before we did the frequency balancing. So that could have been our point of failure.

Have a couple of 2.4 AP’s with Pac Wireless 90deg 17dB VPOL antennas. This was for proof of concept with passed so we converted the AP’s to connectorized.

While very cool for testing, test adapters have 1-2 (maybe 3) dB loss vs a connectorized unit.

Used a 5.7 Stinger antenna it actually raised my power level about 5 to 10 db higher than an integrated in my opinion not a reliable antenna.