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We have installed a 900 mhz sm into an RV park at the main office. We have a yagi attached to the sm and a 15 dbi omnidirectional attached to the set up. We are approximately 6 miles from the main tower where our AP cluster is mounted at 370ft. We installed a small AP device, not sure who makes it, located at the main office. The specs state we should be able to reach a 3 mile radius using this set up. Our plan was to deploy this main set-up, as described above, to the main office and then deploy an omni and AP device to several areas located with in the park in the hopes of having over lapping connection and covering the entire park. The omni set up is only going about 1/10 of a mile with very poor power. We spent about 40 min with tech support and they offered some suggestions, ie changing channels, etc. We tried what they suggested with no visible difffence in the reception. Any ideas or what other info do you need to offer advice/assistance?


Check the RF connectors and cables from the equipment to the antenna. This can cause all sorts of fun in troubleshooting.