Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS)

Hi All

Does Xirrus have an attack prevention system capable of recognizing situations such as:
 -Rogue AP
 -Presence of foreign networks (unknown SSID and Ad-hoc networks)
 -Own clients connected to foreign networks
 -MAC address manipulation (MAC spoofing)

 -DoS attacks



I have forwarded this to the support and development teams.

Hello Temerut,

Xirrus APs do have a WIPS built in to them.  We are able to track and report on 17 different types of attacks.  To answer your question more specifically:

Rogue AP - Yes

Presence of foreign  networks - Yes

Own clients connected to foreign networks - No

MAC spoofing - No

DoS attacks - Yes

Here is a complete list of the attacks we are able to recognize:

Beacon Flood

Probe Request Flood

Authentication Flood

Association Flood

Disassociation Flood

Deauthentication Flood

EAP Handshake Flood

Null Response Flood

MIC Error Attack

Disassociation Attack

Deauthentication Attack

Duration Attack

Duration Attack NAV

AP Impersonation

Station Impersonation

Evil Twin Attack

Sequence number anomaly

Hello, does XV3-8 have WIDS (wireless intrusion detection system) and a WIPS (wireless intrusion prevention system) real time 24x7 and a real time spectrum analyzer with a third dedicated radio?