Wireless Manager 3.0 High Availability on Centos not working

Has anyone had the oportunity of setting correctly a working wireless manager 3.0 High availability servers with centOS. I am having múltiple troubles, and has’nt worked using the manual online. I think i am missing steps, but i have no more ideas.

In general, setting up HA can be a fairly complex process since it involves obtaining and configuring several 3rd part applications, each with it’s own set of dependencies. A description of your specific problem would be helpful to narrow things down a bit, allthough your best bet would be to contact the support number as they have a lot of experience in this area.

We are following the process indicated in the WM3.0 HA manual, but we have experienced many problems. The steps we followed:

1.- Installed CENTOS operating system in two servers.
2.- Installed the WM3.0 application with LM incorporated in the application.
3.- We are using the LM and mySQL in both servers.
4.- Installed, corosync - pacemaker application in both servers.
5.- We followed the instructions of enabling ha.

The problem:
Sometimes, when monitoring the ha, we can receive a confirmation of both severs online even if they are connected. Other times they application shows both servers online, but when they try to bind to the bindingip there shows an error (UNKNOWN), when these happens we try to open the java terminal to the binding ip and when the connection is stablished the server connected to states And sometimes when pacemaker and corosync work they don’t replicate de database.
Our theory is that the application doesn’t like to much of changes and becomes unstable.
I don’t know what else we can do.