Wireless Manager hangs at 95%

I have not been able to run the tools for awhile.  I have the latest Java that works for everything else I do, but not for this.  I have another user in the office that works fine but his Java is "out of date" when we check it.

I've had this happen too and there's a few things to try...

  • Go into the Java control panel, and the general tab, click the 'view' button, if you see any 'Cambium Wireless Manager' cached application entries, delete them.
  • Click on the 'Security' tab, and set security to 'High', and then edit the site list and add the  URL of the Wireless Manager Server... e.g. "http://wirelessmanager.yourisp.com" You may also want to add the IP address of this server as well.
  • Try to use a different web browser to initially launch the client, like FireFox or IE... if you're using a new version of Chrome, you're not going to be able to launch it without doing some significant tweaking.
  • Any prompts that you see regarding Java + Wireless manager, approve and remember.

Good Luck!