Wireless Test Aggregate

Hi Cambium.  On some of the Wireless tests, they display the Download and Upload - AND the Aggregate throughputs. On other units, the Wireless test page doens't show an Aggregate.  I like having the Aggregate displayed, and I think it should be on all ePMP units.

I know the above is an AP, and the below is an SM - but all our network is V3.0 and some show aggregate and some don't.  I also know we can simply add them together, but I think it should be there automatically on all units. 

Also - as a feature request, it'd be awesome if the AP could be told to test every registered SM in sequence.  I'd LOVE to see that feature added.

Hi ninedd,

Aggregate throughout only makes sense when using one of Fixed Ratios - 75/25, 50/50 or 30/70. Therefore in ePTP or Flexible mode, Aggregate throughput will not be available on the LinkTest page.

Hope that helps,

OK, yes, thank you, that does help. :) Most of our AP's are Fixed Ratios, but yes, we do have a couple which are currently configured as flexible frame, and that'd explain the differences that I'm seeing on the AP's.

The second image here is from an SM - and this one is connected to an AP which is fixed frame...   I wonder if that should show aggregate, since it is A) Fixed Ratio, and B) an aggregate of the QOS allowed download/upload.  I guess we can also test from the AP if we want it to show aggregate, but if wishes were fishes, aggregate would be nice to see in the SM's as well.

Thanks for awesome the reply, as always. :)

The SMs by themselves have no idea what the frame configuration is. They are governed by the AP on when to listen and when to transmit within any given frame. They are clueless (nor do they care) if its fixed or flexible ratio. I suppose we could implement a mechanism where the AP "informs" the SM about the frame ratio and make it display the aggrgeate if the AP tells it that its using a fixed ratio. I'll be happy to add it as a feature request. 



OK, thank you for the excellent and detailed answers. That all makes sense. The SM's are always getting a 'schedule' from the AP regardless of the mode, but yea... I guess they don't realy know anything about the ratios - they just know about their own set of responsibilities.