WISP Service pricing plans

I will like to ask this forum for connectivity service pricing examples.

Our company provides internet access to rural locations where satellite is the only option but not viable for real-time applications like VoIP.
For the time being we can provide customers connections of up 2M/512K. Public IPs in Mexico are prohibitive expensive for startup WISPs so for the time being we are NATing our customers. They don’t seem care since all their applications run just fine. We will provide public IP once we reach fewer subscribers.
I will also like to hear pricing options for LAN extension connectivity plans, most likely we will be connecting rural farms to their administrative offices back in town, about 50 miles apart.
There is nobody else providing these services in our area so there is really no point of comparison.

Thanks a lot!


We do almost the same exact thing in Australia. I think you should probably set your sights a little lower as to the throughput. Offering 1 mb links is more realistic using Canopy 900’s. Also make sure every connnection is line of sight. Dont fall for the marketing that says it will work NLOS, it wont and especially not for VoIP calls.

We waited until we had 300 or so customers before we switched to Public IP’s. But one thing we did was make sure every one connected via routers. That prevented any excess sharing traffic through the network. So in the beginning give every moto a natted IP and the router an IP that +1 the natted one. So like the moto is and the router is

The 5.7 enhanced gear is the best I have found from Canopy and make sure you run CMM’s for your towers.

Good Luck

Ernie Goeldner