Wisp Switch WS-12-250-AC

Hello everyone, I plan to energize a Cambium radio model PTP550c with Wisp Switch WS-12-250-AC, if it is feasible, What is the option that I should select in POe?
Thank you

Not obvious by the spec of the 550c.

48V multiply by 0.75 amp = 42 watt and the power sypply rating indicate 56V 30W so I would play safe and use 48V (not high voltage).

The PTP550 complies with the 802.3at spec which is ~25 watts.

In the real world with real traffic, single RF core running, I see about 12-15 watts on ours.

Perhaps the second RF and an SFP installed, maybe 20 watts.

Also, the 550 will take 4-pair power (2 pairs negative, 2 pairs positive) like 450i, 450m, etc. I'm running several 550's on PacketFlux RackInjector's with Cambium Sync (aka Medusa) cards. Works perfectly fine. So the Netonix 48V or 48VH should be fine.