WISPA Membership

I would like to invite all WISPs to join the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association. It’s only $100.00US for an Associate membership which is less than the cost of an SM. http://www.wispa.org/wispa-dues-elections/

Membership has it’s benefits including
- Very active mail lists (including a FREE Motorola List)
- Access to vendors and manufacturers ears (Moto watches those lists)
- Access to tremendous depth and breadth of knowledge
- An effort to present a cohesive front in D.C.
- Other efforts assuming a larger membership

Please take a moment to joins WISPA and become part of the voice of WISPS.

Currently WISPA is in the process of creating a new Board of Directors and there is much discussion on how we want our voice heard. Now is a great time to join.

Easily one of the best resources of information I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in.

Anyone on the edge it’s well worth the money.