WISPApalooza 2016 Cambium Roadmap


from this link I've found some images about Cambium Roadmap for ePMP, presented at WISPApalooza 2016.

Could you share some more information with us?

Will ePMP Force 120 cost less than Force 200 or even less then Force 180?

Speaking about Force 300, it seems there will be a new 802.11ac Wave 2 ePMP Access Point in Q4 2017, maybe with non contiguous channel support. 500+ Mbps throughput using how much bandwidth?

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My friend question is ? the news anouccent ? you products? relealse?

@giuseppe4 wrote:

Will ePMP Force 120 cost less than Force 200 or even less then Force 180? 

Hi Cambium - I know you loath to comment on yet-to-be-shipping products.  But can you answer if there will be both a 5Ghz and a 2.4Ghz version of this higher gain SM?

Thank you.

Hi, Cambium,

thumbs up :) !

Force 120 small high gain and cheap product looks great!

Force 300 , I hope connectorized version whill come out also at least for ptp before nex gen. epmp AP

PTP950 what market is this product targeting, I hope is something like ubnt airfiber5x  pricewise!

On the slide they say it's 802.11ac Wave 2 based, so a new way to PTP products instead of their chipsets.

Is it like an "ePTP 950"?

I hope the product targeting will be similar to AirFiber5x and not to PTP 650 :-P

I'll second the connectorized force-300, that is a must.  Also must put standard 802.3af/at POE on it!

I'll 3rd that suggestion - a connectorized version for the backhauls.  We have so many backhauls right now using older 802.11n radios - we'd LOVE to be able to put ePMP AC backhauls in place and to use the existing 2' and 3' antennas we have now.  Changing out antennas (especially if that means we change to lower gain antennas) wouldn't be nearly as easy or as good as using our existing 3' DualPol antennas. :)