Hey folks, just wanted to get a feel for how many forum members would be attending WISPAPALOOZA this year!

Assuming we have a decent body of people attending, I wanted to see if there was any interest in meeting up at some point... possibly on our own accord, or possibly facilitated by Cambium... A Cambium Forum mixer is what I'm thinking. Perhaps we can even get Matt Mangriotis (PMP450 product manager) and Sakid Ahmed (ePMP product manager) to do a little informal Q&A.

Anyone interested?

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It's still up in the air, but I'm definitely hoping to attend. We're just starting to implement Cambium equipment, so hopefully talking to others who have already completed that will help out with some of the do's and don'ts with the migration.

OK folks, got my plane ticket, got my hotel reserved, got my WISPAPALOOZA tix! I'll see you there! I'll be at the Cambium open house on Monday night from 5pm till 8pm. You all know my name, so I'll be easy to find, just come up and say 'hi'!

Don't forget to register for the Open House HERE.