WLAN Ordering Issue in cnMaestro Release - 1.6.3

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We have discovered WLAN ordering issue in cnMaestro release -  1.6.3, wherein it gets changed to sorted by WLAN policy name irrespective of the order configured by the user.

Just to illustrate the issue, let us say you had WLANs in below order before update with 1.6.3:


WLAN Ordering before Update with 1.6.3


Now once system gets updated with 1.6.3 software, WLAN ordering will appear in sorted by policy name. Please see below image:


WLAN Ordering after Update with 1.6.3

At this point of time, only UI display is incorrect but server still has the correct order so no functional impact.


Now if you make any changes to AP Group Policy > Basic page, it will save the order as  displayed in UI so effectively WLAN ordering will change at server as well.

For example, after adding a new WLAN called guest_wlan, you should readjust the order to make sure correct WLAN order gets saved at server becasue UI display has incorrect order. It should appear as below before save assuming guest_wlan should appear at 4th index:

Workaround: Once system is updated with 1.6.3 and you are making any changes to AP Group Policy > Basic page, please ensure that WLAN ordering is correct before saving it. Though after saving it, WLAN ordering will again appear sorted by WLAN policy name in cnMaestro UI but at least there won’t be any functional impact because server would have saved the correct WLAN order as part of save action.


We have already started rolling out fix to cloud servers and will post the update once all the servers are updated with this fix. We are targeting to release the On-Premises version latest by Tuesday(07-Aug).





Just wanted to update that we have posted a new 1.6.3 package - 1.6.3-r19 on support site containing fix for this issue. We strongly recommend you to update 1.6.3 On-Premises insatnce with this new package.

Here is path for cnMaestro package on support site:




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