WM 3.0 - XML Files From Prizm Migration Tool???

Ran the Prizm migration tool on our Linux Prizm server and Device Discovery.csv and User Account.csv files were generated by the tool, documentation shows how to import these to WM3.0. However, migration tool also generated 6 Bandwidth and Vlan .xml files.

The documentation for the migration tool states “To import the vlan and bandwidth templates, use procedure in the user guide titled Importing a Config Template.” This procedure is not in the user guide. Section 4.11, pg 106 of the user guide only covers .csv and ADSP files.

What do I do to get the xml files onto the WM server (Win2008). Do they just get copied to a directory under WM3.0 or Prizm? If so, what dir do I copy them to?


As far as I can tell the configuration templates in WM are actually stored in the database in a table called “ConfigAttributes” that is a total mess. I have several custom templates defined - I looked in the WM directory on our server and I don’t see any files related to what I’ve created.

Hmmm, From the Prizm BAM interface, FILE -->> IMPORT / EXPORT -->> is grayed out.

I’m thinking (could be dangerous) you have to manually create new vlan and bandwidth profiles using the info in the .xml files to provision them. Not a big deal but the migration tool documentation gave the impression that all files generated could be imported to WM3.0.


Prizm? I thought you were trying to import into WM3? When WM is installed the Prizm runs in BAM-only mode without the EMS so greyed-out menu options make sense. Configuration should be done in the WM interface