WM 4.1 with two NICs

I have WM 4.1 with two NICs running on a VM server.  NIC 1 is on which is on the radio network. NIC 2 is which is the local network.  We set it up this way to keep the two networks sperate.  The server is finaly set up and appears to be working fine but my issue is logging in.  I can log into the WM fine from the server, or from a laptop on the 10.1.220.X network. When I try to login from the 10.1.70.X network, once I login java fails.  It gives some errors saying unknown host (  It appears it is trying to connect through java to the 10.1.220.X network, which is not accessable.  Is there a way to specify which network the web browser is hosted from?  The http appears to be ok on both, just java.  Both would be prefered but I'll take the correct one over the wrong side.

Is the server runnning Linux or Windows?

Hi Jpowel,

If you are using Windows then you need to add the exception in the JAVA security,

Go to Control Panel

Click on the Java

Under the Security add and entry as http://ipaddresss:9090

This should resolve the issue for you.


Sanjay Kumar