WPA3 in cnMaestro and Enhanced Open (OWE) support


i’m currently looking into Cambium products for our upcoming wifi replacement project.
Some question arised regarding WPA3 config in cnMaestro - i read this is at the moment only possible via user defined overrides - any ETA when this can be configured without overrides?

Second question is regarding Enhanced Open (OWE)
Do the Cambium XV3-8 support Enhanced Open (OWE) or will this feature be released in near future? We need this feature for our guest wifi.

Hello Christian, WPA3 config will be available in cnMaestro in the upcoming 3.0 release (Jan). It will be only supported in XV (Wi-Fi6) APs.

We do not currently support OWE. This is in the roadmap for 2021.

Thanks a lot for your answer - looking forward to the new Release.
An other question regarding WPA3 - is it possible to use ePSK when WPA3 is configured as encryption type?

@Christian_Lugmayr - ePSK is not supported with WPA3. We have it in the roadmap, not target date set.