Wrong device description

In our CN Mastro, I noticed that the SM is now showing an incorrect device in the picture. The name of the device is correct but the image is incorrect and the throughput statitics are incorrect. ( verified by custoers running a speed test for me). Is this a common issue or is it just me? Thanks

Please give us a day and we will get back with all your queries answered.

Can you please confirm if your SM device is Integrated or Connectorized?

The device should show a force 180 SM

We have opened a JIRA ticket, and it will get fixed in our next version of cnMaestro.


Can you please confirm if the throughput problem still exists?


Hi ,

Regarding the Throughput issue , we tested this internally in our lab setup by pumping the TCP/UDP traffic at 100 Mbps and it the AP and SM are showing the proper Throughput values . To be more clear the cnMaestro Throughput graph shows Wireless Throughput but not Ethernet Throughput. Moreover the graph is an Average Throughput graph plotted every one hour and again this one hour data points are extracted from the every 5 minutes data points .

The third party tools used to compare the Throughput graphs may be collecting data at different intervals may be 1 minute and they also take into account Ethernet traffic also.

Can you please run some traffic for atleast couple of hours between the AP and SM and then send us the screenshots of the AP and SM Throughput graphs from cnMaestro and the amount of traffic run by you (like 50 Mbps or 100 Mbps)

This will give  an idea on whether the graphs are working fine or not.

We got queries from some other customers also initially but after clarifying that it is Wireless Throughput and the comparison with the third party tools may be incorrect , then they are fine with the cnMaestro Throughput Graphs.