Wrong UpLimit and DnLimit on the AP's Session Status List

Hello, all.
I’d got a strange problem with Burst Allocation data rate after upgrading our canopy network to 7.3.6 software.

This is the data rate settings of our APs:
Sustained Uplink Data Rate: 100
Uplink Burst Allocation: 100
Sustained Downlink Data Rate: 300
Downlink Burst Allocation: 300
Configuration Source: BAM (we have no BAM)

Our SMs has default rate settings: 3500 3500 500000 500000

But at the Session Status List page I see for all SMs:
UpRate(APCAP): 100 UpLimit(APCAP): 500000 DnRate(APCAP): 300 DnLimit(APCAP): 500000 (kbit)

I’d set one SM to 100 100 300 300 and rebooted it. But the AP still
showed 100 500000 300 500000.
Then I’d set the AP’s Configuration Source to SM and rebooted the AP.
It became to show 3500 3500 500000 500000.

Has anyone the same problem?
We have P8 and P9 modules.

Better to set the AP wide open, and do the bandwidth limiting at the SM. Set the configuration source in the AP to SM.

This way if someone wants to pay more for more bandwidth, you can increase the speed on that one SM.

I agree with Jerry, works great that way!! we offer 3 speeds it would not be possible any other way.

I’d tried to set the AP’s Configiration Source to SM ones again and now it works.