I am receiving the following error from one of our customers X-Box.

Your NAT type is Strict (or Moderate). People on networks with this NAT type may not be able to join certain games or hear other people while playing online.

Can any one shed some light on this?

I don’t see the light at this tunnel

you -may- be able to get around this with the DMZ. But layer 2 might be a much better solution in the long run if your network is set up for that.

I second that. Use DMZ/Port Forward or use Bridge mode on CPE(easiest way).

Is it just that easy to just check the DMZ box in the CSM config? And the problem is solved? No other config is needed in the CSM to make it work?

Layer 2 not a option right now. Waiting for option-82.


Yes just set a DMZ ip and configure that ip on the xbox. Unfortunately if you need to upgrade the CSM in the future you will have to turn off DMZ temporarily before you can upgrade.