Xirrus EasyPass Two-Way Portal - include Onboarding and Personal

The XMS-Cloud EasyPass Two-Way Portal allows all EasyPass portal types except for Onboarding and Personal.

I would like to see these types included so a Two-Way Portal can be made of any portal types.

The specific use-case I have in mind is in a dormitory, with a single self-registration SSID allowing students to sign-up for an Onboarding User-PSK, or spin up a Personal network.

Other use cases could include

  • a business using a single portal SSID for guest Voucher and employee Onboarding (authed with email domain, Azure or Google)
  • a hotel using a single portal SSID for Guest Self-Registration or allowing a guest to create a Personal network

On a semi-related note, it would also be good to see this “combined” portal type extended to allow for more than just two portals.