Xirrus joins the Cambium Networks wireless fabric

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CIO Review covers Cambium Networks expansion 


I've been a Xirrus customer (Gold partner) since 2012. Riverbed in my opinion, spectacularly dropped the ball with the Xirrus product -  prior to the Riverbed acquisition, support, assitance, anything was a breeze - I could have an open chat and a remote session with a support representative within 10 minutes of raising a ticket. With Riverbed sometimes I didn't even get a response the same day, or the wrong answer, or the ticket was closed without resolution.  I was on first name terms and had built long term relationships  with our reseller,  Xirrus Solutions Engineer and Xirrus account manager, both of whom have now since left Riverbed. They were extraordinary in frankly bending over backwards with my requests for hardware, tripods, additional AP's, beta test equipment, requests for branded merchandise and they dug me out of some pretty big holes when required. All of this dried up when Riverbed took over - no beta products, merchadise, the Xirrus accreditation program went into utter disarray,  (and this was after doing both the XCWT & XCWP programs, for which I never recieved my AP for completing) I couldn't even tell you now who my account manager is, I know that the one who replaced our longstanding account manager also left.  This isn't a moan or gripe by anymeans, more of a frank appraisal and observation - does anyone else have a similar journey and experience? - I now also have Cisco networks knocking on our door frankly promising the earth on their wireless hardware and single pane of glass management for absolutely everything on the enterprise, I'm very wary of them as we had a Cisco wireless solution prior to Xirrus and it simply did not work - will Cambium be picking up the Xirrus mantle correctly and be as passionate and game changing as it once was?


Hello and thanks for the note. Welcome to the community. I appreciate your candor and your concerns are legitimate. As a longtime Cambium person, I can let you know that we develop authentic relationships with our channel partners and network operator customers - and you can see evidence of our interaction with the support and development teams across the many threads in this community. I have forwarded your observations and questions to the Xirrus folks who are now part of the Cambium Networks team for their response.


Hi Colin - First let me say thanks for your frank and honest feedback. This type of information is always greatly appreciated. In my role as Global Director of Systems Engineering for Xirrus before the Riverbed purchase I had the occasion to visit your facility in Glasgow. It is a world-class venue that we are extremely proud to have in our WiFi family. You're exactly right regarding the challenges that were experienced by some customers recently. There are no excuses to be made. Unfortunately, Riverbed was a much larger company with a focus on many different technologies. That size and focus did not allow Xirrus to act as nimbly as we did in the past. As someone who has been with Xirrus for over seven years I can honestly say that I see the path back to where we were and the dedication of our new Cambium family members to get us there. We are back where we belong as part of a successful WiFi focused company. Honest and sometimes painful conversations about how we improve all facets of the customer experience have been had. We've identified deficiencies and are working to correct these. The thing that most encouraged me during initial meetings after Cambium purchased Xirrus was the fact that Cambium leadership stated clearly that they want to learn from us what made Xirrus so successful in the past. From the top down we at Cambium are committed to returning the sales and support of Xirrus products back to the high level that you expect and demand as a long time Xirrus customer. Having said all of this we will not be able to flip switch and immediately get back to where we were, but I personally promise you that if you will give us the opportunity, we will prove to you that we are the customer committed company that you remember. We are in a transitionary period now as operational activity is being brought in house here at Cambium. Sales teams are currently being matched to existing accounts. You should expect to be contacted very soon by your new account manager. I expect a few hurdles will remain as this transitional process concludes over the next few weeks but we are working extremely hard to ensure we are setup to provide you with the best customer experience possible. The bottom line is that the commitment to the Xirrus product line and Xirrus customers is alive. If you have any issues while we complete this transition, please feel free to reach out to me directly and I will personally ensure you are taken care of.



I've been with the Xirrus solution for several years and I am looking forward to the Cambium experience!