Xirrus Positioning System (XPS)

Hi All

Our Company is looking to develop the XPS for use in AGed Care facilities and hospital environments.

WE produce Software that "talks" to Nursecall systems and send messages out to DECT phones, Wi-Fi Phones, Monitors, pagers etc.

What we are looking to do is a similar thing to Ekahau and use XPS for RTLS for messaging Duress etc..

I am trying to find current Documentation and software but cant seem to find anything at all on the support site and older Data sheet type stuff on the main site.

Just wondering if there is a SDK and "sepecial licensing for developers, and if anyone has looked at similar

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Hello Peter,

Thank you for your interest in the XPS server.  I am in the process of updating an Application Note on our Locationing Services capabilities.  Please send me your email address and I'll forward the App Note to you in a couple of days when it is completed.  

Marc Hemann