Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector / Great free of charge tool for Wi-Fi measurments

Not updated since 2017 but AC capable and easy to handle. Search for Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector and you will be redirected to the right Riverbed website depending on your country.

See also attached screenshot.


Looks like Riverbed have removed the file from their website:

But I found a copy of the file here: https://www.techspot.com/downloads/6901-xirrus-wifi-inspector.html

Either way it looks like a useful tool so thank you!

Thanks for the positive comment on Wi-Fi inspector. I'll work on getting a valid link up for the community. We will very soon also make our WiFi Designer tool available for download. It is a free predictive survey tool for Wi-Fi networks designed specifically for Xirrus access points. If you would like to test drive the cloud based version give it a go here: https://wfd.cloud.xirrus.com/wfdc/

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I wanted to let you know that Wi-Fi Inspector is available on the Cambium Networks website for download.

Here is the URL:


Not available any more!

Hi John,

Thanks for letting us know. We’ll look into this.

The page for the “Wi-Fi Designer” shows:

I’m hoping this is going through an upgrade, because I only just learned about it and it appears to be a great tool! Also, it would be fantastic if an Android version would be released and would collect empirical data over time to validate models.