Xirrus XH2-240 vs AIRONET 1560

Hi. Does any one knows if the XH2-240 has a PTP model like CIsco AIRONET 1560 advertises it? I can’t find any information about this.

do you mean a PTP mode? The XH2-240 has RF connectors so you can utilize external high-gain directional antennas if you like for PTP and PMP links.

Thanks Jim, that’s right, PTP mode is what I meant.

But Does it has the capability for PTP mode? It’ll be very helpfull to get the XH2-240 User Manual but I can’t find it.

XH2-240 can be configured for PTP. The documentation refers to this as WDS. If you advise the software version on your XH2-240 then we can provide the appropriate User Guide

Thank you very much, Skippy. We don’t own any XH2-240 unit. We a customer who wants to deploy a Aironet 1560 because of its PTP capabilities and we want to convince them of the contrary but I couldn’t find any literature about such options for the XH2-240.


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*We have a customer…

The PTP capability on Xirrus APs is referred to as WDS. Please find attached the steps to configure WDS. Hope you find it useful.WDS configuration steps.docx (16.8 KB)


I’ve converted this into a #knowledge-base article:

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It’ll be nice if someone with the experience publish a Whitepaper about the PTP/WDS, implementation.