Xirrus xr4000 and xr1000 access point factory reset

Hello, someone donated xirrus xr4000 and xr1000 access point units to Uganda, we have about 4 units of the xr4000 and 16 units of the xr1000, they each have usb flashes in them, the usb flashes have license information on them, but we are not able to reset these units. We want to use them for wireless hotspots in Uganda in Africa, but do not know how to reset them since they do not have reset buttons.

Any help on resetting and using these devices would be helpful.

Kind Regards.

I would suggest contacting the Customer Service with the Product Serial numbers, they should be able to assist with any contract changes that would need to be made.

Hi Peter,

Were you able to reset the APs? If not let me know as there may be other ways of resetting. One of them being by using the Xircon windows utility.