XM nano M5, elevate, ping on ethernet?

I tried install elevate FW on M5 nano, on desk... XM HW revision.

ping on ethernet is from 1 to 100ms... (goind up and down), very hard to logon...sometimes its not possible to logon to device...until reboot..

where is the problem???

signal leds are blinking ...(as when firmware upgrade with ubnt firmware).

I am aware to install elevate on customers hw ..... with this kind of problems.


/// I rebooted device, change some settings....save...

it stils showing APPLYING ...ping lost....

need to reboot manually....


XM device may be really slow just after upgrade to Elevate FW. It may take up to 8 minutes to boot-up with Elevate FW.

Some XM boards are really slow because of hardware limitations.

Please note you may observe rather high latency pinging it and delayed configuration applying when SM is not registered on AP.

Device spent it's resources on scanning Wireless.

But this issue go away as soon as SM is registered on AP.

Thank you.

thanks, I thought that was the problem :D

its very slow....