XMS-E & Maps

Any updates coming for XMS-E? It seems to be a forgotten product and to be honest can be very slow especially on the maps page which is as likely to fail as it is to work.

Long time Xirrus Customer, our first gear was XS-3500 circa 2007 with wall wart power adapters no POE option.


I've been told that XMS-E 8.3 is due out before the end of the year, so if Cambium meets that goal we should see it within the next 10 days.

The maps have always been bad within XMS-E.  With each release of XMS-E came promises of improved response, even touting a new backend database to make things quicker.  With each relase of XMS-E I never noticed any improved response at all.  The map function is completely unsuable in version 8.2 if you have more than a couple dozen arrays (we have 1600+).

Got my fingers crossed that 8.3 will be out soon and that it will resolve many outstanding bugs/deficiencies.  

XMS 8.3 did not make its public debut before the end of the year.  Word I received this week is they "hope" to have it out in January.  But I heard that about December as well, so I don't have too much faith in the projected release timeframe.

Hey Mike.  I got the 8.3 beta yesterday.  It is much more responsive than older versions but still has a few outstanding bugs.  I've been reporting them to Cambium, not sure if they will address these before or after 8.3 officially hits the streets.  But so far it looks like Cambium has giving it some much needed attention.