XMS-E sum of connected clients in map

Does anyone use XMS-Enterprise and work with the current version 8.3.1 / 12-Aug-20 ?
Since this version, the number of connected clients is displayed incorrectly in the map. Currently there are 2 clients connected, but the sum of the number of clients on the IAPs is much larger. Attached a screenshot of my XMS-E.
Does anyone know this problem?

This is not a known issue with XMS-C 8.31 so can you please try hitting the refresh link next to the “Last updated” text? If that does not resolve the issue, then please open up a Cambium Support ticket so the issue can be further investigated.


I created a ticket, here is the answer from support:

“… this is likely to be resolved in XMS-E 8.3.3 version and it is planned to be released in a week or two.”

As soon as XME-E 8.3.3 is available I will test it and post an update.