XMS licensing -> possible to merge

Hello everybody,

I am pleased that I may make the beginning :)

Hope that I am right in this thread.

We had ordered XMS licenses for a customer, but they were issued separately and want to merge them.

We opened a support case at Riverbed, but it's been going on for a long time without a solution and I can't use the licenses now.

Is there a quick solution?

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Hi Ufuk,

If you can please give me the support case number for this request, then we would gladly look into this.



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I will be glad to help with this.  Please contact me with additional information such as:

do we have access point S/Ns?

What is the End user name?

Do you have a Case #?

is this the result of a renewal or a new sale?


please send additional information to marc.hemann@cambiumnetworks.com

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unfortunately a case number is not available.

only our distributor had contact with the sales team of Riverbed.

but I have the SNs and order number and end user name.

which of you can I send this to? mhemann or GaryHansen ?

please send the serial numbers to marc.hemann@cambiumnetworks.com

I will forward this information to the team responsible for license renewals.

Thank you

you got mail :) 


short update and solution, there is no self service portal - so you have to open a case and get a merged license.

formerly at avaya with the 9100 series access points (xirrus OEM), this worked relatively easy online in the license portal.

thanks again for the support, many greetings