Xv-2t0 5ghz radio appears to be off

the 5ghz radio seems to be off yet it is enabled in configuration. What could be the cause

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DFS maybe?

My asnwer was too short, so I add to add this text to maker the forum happy

How do I solve that @MW_WISP

You have to choose the right frequency based on your location and regulations:

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Hi @TimoWanume , Please also check the band selected while creating the SSID where you can select single band like only 2.4GHz or 5GHz or BOTH, Selecting the COUNTRY-CODE also plays a role for bringing up the RADIO’s of the access points.

both bands are selected

Can you please send me the techsupport file which you can download in the operations “download techsupport” then i can have a look at the configurations you have made, if everything is fine but still 5GHz radio is not coming up, i will raise ticket immediately to resolve your issue as soon as possible.
thank you.