XV2-2 Ability to handle moisture?

Hi I have a pretty urgent request to get some AP’s installed at a very remote site.

Some of the AP’s need to be installed on a porch style overhang that will be somewhat exposed to the outside . Very very unlikely that they would see water splash as the AP’s would be installed in a center line of the ceiling and area is generally pretty dry and arid though will be exposed to winds.

Just checking if a XV2-2 can handle a bit of moisture ? Temps and humidity in the area are on nowhere close to data supplied in data sheets should be good I think on those fronts.
Unfortunately my disties have zero stock of 510s or XV2-2T’s as well as customer wants AP’s as small as physically possible and wants nothing wallmounted or a visual eyesore.

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I’m sure NOT. A lot of holes at the back side.
It will be a lot risky to put it on outdoor

Yeah have worked with them a lot and they are pretty vented due to trying to get rid of the heat.
I don’t have much of a choice for now .

Will put some 510’s on backorder for now but have to get install done next week.

it is not recommended to put the XV2-2 outdoors as was noted here the venting makes it very vulnerable to dust and water to enter and damage the internal electronics. It is a risk.

Will it work fine and likely be ok probably yes, but it voids the warranty and we cannot guarantee performance per the datasheet.

can you use an e505, e700, e510, e500, e501S? I know you mention e510 being on back-order.

Hi Jim no stock of those.My disties eye late Feb 2022 for stock at best.
I put in a back order for 510’s but have installed the xv2-2’s in for now.
After inspection and install I think theoretically we should be ok as
a)It’s their dry season now
b)The roof is pretty high from the ground.Even if the wind does blow in some rain it would be difficult if not impossible for rain to make it that deep.

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ok good news on the install. it will likely be stable as you say if things stay dry.

how is your deployment going?

Hi Ray so far so good.
Still waiting for stock to come in for the 510’s.


Why didn’t you get a XV2-2T?

Still not available here for whatever reason.
I dunno if its awaiting certification or whatnot but every time I’ve asked suppliers here for stock they just give N/A

I have been watching them go in and out of stock here in the US.

Aye even sourcing Mikrotik hardware these days is getting difficult.

component lead times are all quite long so we are continuously working through the delays and allocation. I expect more XV2-2T production to start any day now which will help fill the pipeline.

@djdrastic I finally get some level of comfort with their switches… Can’t get them anywhere now.

our cnMatrix switches? They will be more available very soon from what I understand

I was stating “I finally got Mikrotik switches working well…”

I have been using Ubiquiti EdgeSwitches for years.

The product shortages at multiple vendors, have made it impossible to source switches. I keep looking at the Cambium Switches wondering how well they would replace the stuff I know. I really wish there were more form factors like the EdgeSwitch line. (Just because we have been building systems around that line for so long… a replacement that has similar pieces makes it easier.)

My account rep tried to dime bag me into a switch… but the distro blew that up… So still no switch.

And I really need that WAP with switch ports built in to start shipping. As it replaces the H510 I have been using for years.

were you able to get any e510 and/or XV2-2T units for your outdoor needs yet? How has the XV2-2 done for you outdoors?

My XV2-2T is currently on loan to the beer garden next to National’s Stadium in DC. Made it through several thunderstorms and services.

The Point of Sales Gateway resolves no problem… So the DNS issue is not a problem in that context.

As for a e510? Nope.
Needed a MDU full of Rokus… didn’t want to risk it. The got the other radios.

Hi Jim still no stock of XV2-2Ts in the country from what I can tell.