XV2-2 replacement

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We are not able to purchase XV2-2 anymore, would XV2-2X be replacement with similar performance and price range?

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Hi Piotr,
XV2-2 aka XV2-2X is still available to be ordered. Can you elaborate on the difficulty in ordering it?

XV2-21X is another dual radio alternative. It doesn’t support as many connections as XV2-2 and has a Gig port while XV2-2 has a 2.5GE capable port. Chosing the appopriate AP depends on the applicaiton.

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your reply.

One of our supplier inform us that XV2-2 are no longer available… Is XV2-2X corresponds to the same model as XV2-2.

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Yes, the XV2-2 has the part number of XV2-2X.