XV2-22H loses IP address after some time

I have installed XV2-22H, gave it static IP address on VLAN and everything works fine. After some time (approx. 10 minutes), the device will go offline from cnMaestro and I cannot ping it anymore. AP is connected to Mikrotik SW, ehternet port on Mikrotik is UP, I can see it in neighbours with name and IP address, but I can’t ping it. After reboot, AP becomes online and everything works fine, but then again the same thing happens. AP is on latest firmware.

Did u change IP on hotspot or in cnmaestro ?

IP is changed via cnMaestro.
I have XV2-2T0 in the same AP group, also on static IP address and with that one there are no problems

U have somthing like this ?

This is my configuration

I’m pretty sure that the problem is in VLAN.
xv2-22 has a lot of problems if VLANs are used.
Make a ticket in the support.cambiumnetworks.com

Downgrade from firmware to 6.5.2.-r12 solved the problem. If you go below that, then on all interfaces except eth1 you have only VLAN 1, no matter the configuration. Hope that they will figure this out in the future updates because this is a joke

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Please send the tech-support logs to me at niraj.mahapatra@cambiumnetworks.com, Let me analyze the problem.

Can you set the VLANs on the ports in the Device GUI?

Also you have to set the VLAN tags on the ports in AP groups… Which I find ridiculous.

The other option is to use device overides in CMD.