xv2-22H performance

xv2-22H is probably one big misunderstanding?
Device 40 cm away from me.
Tests on 2 laptops (Windows 10 -37dbm and Windows 11 -40dbm) and Samsung Ultra 22 cell -50dbm). At home, the connection is 900/90.
Being at a very short distance, the device on 2.4 achieves a dizzying speed of 28/54 Mbps, and 5 Ghz 35/65. Power shown by the device up to 16dbm on 2.4 and 23dbm on 5Ghz.
Never in my life have I had such embarrassing results with a transmitter of such power. Even e425 and 430 run 10x faster?
Is this WiFi6? Is this AX standard?
I’m afraid to connect the third set of tests - xv2-21!?!?!

Command line speedtest gives equally good results:
XV2-22H-E57B86(config)# speedtest m
Test server located in Vienna, Austria
Latency: 20.9ms Jitter: 7.8ms
Download: 12.53Mbps Upload: 12.64Mbps

I am returning the goods :frowning:
Completely inconsistent with the description.
It reminds me a bit of the story with xv2-2, which was equally dramatic on the first versions of the soft

My problems with the 22H are so far limited to the wired ports. Well until I had a strange reboot on Friday. Something about flooding in the log when the unit rebooted.

Support is already looking at it.

But wireless… I have had good results.

However, with the issues of the ports not being able to properly tag vlans… Then the throughput problems… its not going on bids.

Ethernet connected to the back panel - the hotspot works “correctly” - further transfers on 2.4 are poor, but on 5 Ghz it is closer to 500 Mbps.

Ethernet connected to the ports on the bottom of the device - drama!

I wonder once again - does anyone test it before launching it on the market? Because I have the impression that a lot of devices come from you completely untested, neither in terms of hardware, nor even if it works properly with the cloud.


XV2-22H are going to be returned, it’s a waste of time to wait a few months until they fix the current bugs and break something else :frowning:

Just as a reference, here are some of our XV2-22H performance results using the the latest 6.5.1-r11 release. Of course, your mileage will vary depending on factors such as client RSSI, SNR and others.


Too bad it is only in the lab.

Connect via the ETH1 port located on the bottom panel.
You’ll see what the results are, unfortunately, where I wanted to use it, I can’t connect it through the back panel.
When the device is connected through the rear ethernet port, the results are better, unfortunately, as always, you can’t admit that something is wrong. It’s not just me writing :slight_smile:
Well, again, you have to wait about another 6 months and the devices will be usable.
I just don’t understand one thing. Why from other manufacturers when I buy equipment, everything usually works as in the documentation. You have trouble with every device in the WiFi6 version. It started with xv2-2, which was a big failure at first, after a year it was soft stable and I could take advantage of it. Unfortunately, putting e410 rev and xv2-22H side by side connected via the port on the back, at 2.4 GHz, I don’t see any difference in performance despite using AX cards and phones with WiFi6. 3 different devices show the same results. It’s probably not my whim or mistake. Clean environment, no interference, one change is 40MHz on 2.4 and 80MHz on 5GHz + WPA3. You can continue to prove with your results that the equipment is sensational, but live it comes out completely different. and I will add at the end, I put another device, an American company with AX turned on at 2.4 GHz, the same room, the same test equipment, no tuning, the result is 250 Mbps, yours is 60 Mbps.

Its been a month…

Any progress on getting the ports working right?

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