XV2 -22H - VLAN's on ETH2 not operating


We are installing the wall mount XV2 -22H and we need to use ETH2 port due to installation restrictions on ETH1.

We are unable to get the tagged VLANS working & no clients get an IP on ETH2. The native VLAN works just fine and we have communication with the AP, tagged VLANS on the WLANS we have an issue.

If we use ETH1 then all works as should. We have proved the clients switches not to be at fault.

Is there anything we are missing in our config that we would need to enable when using the ETH2 port.

We have applied the same VLAN rules under APGROUP> NETWORK as we have in ETH1.

Please install newest software 6.5.1-r11 :slight_smile:

On that level of software already :slight_smile:

Ticket on support.cambiumnetworks.com

Done, like pulling teeth.

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Just to close the loop on this for future viewers, I believe the problem was resolved by updating to the latest firmware.