XV2-23T Webserver

Just got my first one of these for testing. Hooked it up at the boss’s house and it joined the system. I onboarded it like a month ago but he finally plugged it in. I sent it the recommended software version 6.5.3R8 and it seems to be working. However… the local webserver doesn’t seem to work.

Is this a known issue?

The 2 XV2-2 are on the same revision and their webserver works.

I have a XV2-23T running 6.5.3-r8 and the Web UI works for me. Please factory reset the AP and retry.

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I hit Factory Reset in cnMaestro. Lets see what happens.

After a reset… if I wait a really long time the GUI comes up. I try to log in and it won’t let me. Says wrong credentials.

Scratch that… the browser just spins now. Like before.

It keeps getting better… now it shows as not in sync.

The unit is sitting there defaulted now.

Bad cable… Ugg. Premade. Shielded. Outdoor Rated.

Certifier says trash it.