XV2-2T0 as Mesh AccessPoint / Repeater

I’m trying to use a XV2-2T0 as a Repeater. It should get WiFi from a access Points a few Meters away and repeat that WiFi at it’s location. When i connect that AP via LAN everything works, DHCP, connection to internet. When i change the Mesh Type in the Webinterface from off to Mesh base, put in the Wifi credentials again, save and disconnect the cable, it shows the WiFi, you can connect to it, but no internet connection. Seems like it doesnt connect to the other AP and just sends out it’s own signal without any next AP to send the data to. You can’t ping or get on the webinterface of the ap either. If i connect a cable again, everything works normal again. How can i get the AP to act as a repeater?

Enterprise Wi-Fi APs does not operate as repeater mode.

It can operate in Mesh mode, where both APs should be Enterprise Wi-Fi APs. One of the AP is Mesh base and other AP is Mesh Client. These APs can operate in Mesh and as an Access Point in concurrent.

Let us know if you are seeing the Mesh Client drop periodically (2 to 4 times a day).
I am monitoring the syslogs, and keep seeing these Mesh Client Disconnects happen throughout the day.
reason [Unspecified Reason (Client sent disassoc)]

I’ve had a Cambium Trouble Ticket open for many months now.
Tech support wants me to raise the antennas higher than they currently are (5 feet).
I am currently running v6.5.3-r8 on both.

I’m personally not convinced, because they are NOT extremely far apart and work solid most of the time…

I suspect there is some sort of software glitch causing the Mesh Client to send disassoc, from time-to-time.