Xv2-2t0 wi-fi coverage

Hello guys we are deploying XV2-2T0 APs in the space bellow,
We budgeted for 6 APs but they are still not covering the area. What is the coverage of these APs.
This is a Game park with Hotel Buildings, but guests cant have WiFi in their rooms.

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Even with Wifi 6, and it’s LTE like air protocol, and clients using Wifi 6 clients, getting indoor coverage from an outdoor AP is difficult, and very unpredictable. Walls and windows are not consistent propagation losses, and multipath can make effective SNR 0 dB long enough during a transmission to cause unending re-transmissions. Not everyone has wifi 6 clients on their phones or tablets either…many still have 802.11ac clients, which makes propagation through external walls and windows even more difficult.
Depending on the hotel design, my recommendation to our clients is to always build an indoor network indoors, and outdoor network outdoors. If you try Wireless Designer on Cambium’s site (its an online wifi planning tool, if you have not seen it yet), try creating a building the size of your hotel, place your outdoor AP’s outdoors, and just have a look at how much signal penetrates the walls. You can do the same in reverse also, and with indoor AP’s, see how much outdoor coverage you get, and this info might give you a good idea how to troubleshoot your network.

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Thank you for the insight

Hi Timothy, how has been the outdoor signal?

Also you know that the XV2-2T0 is OMMINI and XV2-2T1 is SECTOR?

Yes i know, only thet i had only XV2-2T0 in stock

I opted for 3 XV2s out and E410s indoor