Xv2 - 2t1 & 2t0


we are powering the XV2 with either e700 or e502 but the XV2 goes off sometimes and comes back online (cnmaestro). clients connected to the XV2 are mostly disconnected.

any help?

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what is your power supply for the e700 or e502S? You must make sure that you have sufficient source power to handle both the e700/e502S and the XV2 total power consumption.

The POE we use is 60watts powering the e700. The distance between is about 50 meters.

When this issue occurs, please check the uptime of the XV2 AP to see if it did reboot. Also, in cnMaestro at the AP level, please go to Details and check the Last Reboot reason to see it if did reboot due to power cycle.

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Noted thank you. The issue was mainly the cable.

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