XV3-8 Issues

We are implementing sever xv3-8 access points in our school but several of the units have an issue where we only get a solid red/amber light and the device is unreachable. Using the reset button on the device does not do anything. I think the units are failing to boot, but not sure why we would have this issue on 15 out of 50 AP’s.


Could you please raise support ticket.

Can you please share serial numbers of devices that you are facing issue to sta001@cambiumnetworks.com

Hi. I already have a support ticket open, it has been several days and support has yet to resolve the issue.

Thanks for your time on the phone. We are reviewing the information with Engineering and will get a response to you before tomorrow morning

I had the issue of a XV3-8 bricking upon switching from 8x8 to the 2x4x4 radio operating mode. No boot…RMA issue.

James did you get a response on this yet?

Hi, I did get a response. Thanks

And what was the answer?

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