Yagi ice buildup

We have had problems with our Cushcraft yagis having snow build up substantially and several of our customers have dropped. Would some sort of spray teflon fix this problem? Has anybody had any issues with snow buildup and have found solutions (aside from heating the antenna)

We’ve been thinking about painting ours black to absorb sunlight for ours, haven’t done it yet. Still debating on whether or not it will really be worth it.

We’re in Central Illinois, currently the land of everything-encased-in-ice, and no, we have no good solutions. We’re currently working on a list of about 20 (down from about 30) clients who have power back, but the antenna is covered in about an inch of ice. We’re just climbing up, removing ice as we go to keep the climb safe, and gently removing the ice by tapping with a screwdriver. There are of course some on roofs that we can’t safely get to at all.

We’ve talked about some type of cover, like you can get for satellite dishes, but I’m thinking that it would catch as much snow as the ice it’s trying to prevent.

We still don’t know the full extent of the situation, as we’ve still got dozens of clients still waiting on power to be restored. We’re going on 5 days now.

Our debate is currently centering on whether additional measures are worth the investment/effort, as this has only happened twice in the 6 years we’ve been doing wireless. Most people are pretty understanding, with a few notable exceptions.