Zero-Touch Deployment Of cnMatrix Switches Using cnMaestro


This article illustrates the steps to perform a zero-touch deployment of a new cnMatrix switch. Following the zero-touch setup on cnMaestro, the switch can be connected to the network, at which time the switch will automatically onboard to cnMaestro and obtain its remote configuration. No local pre-configuration is required on the switch.



  • cnMatrix switch connects to the uplink switch via local port Gi 0/1
  • The uplink switch port connected to cnMatrix is configured with native VLAN 15
  • The network has management VLAN 15 (for example)
  • VLAN 15 is present in the Switch Group


  1. Log in to your cnMaestro account and claim the switch’s serial number on the Onboard page

  2. Do not click the ‘‘Approve’ button. Select the Pen icon to Edit.

  3. Assign the switch to the Switch Group and provide the model type.

    Note: Create the Switch Group prior to this step if it does not already exist.


  4. Edit and disable the VLAN 1 interface

    • Select Vlan Interface

    • De-select Enable Administrative State

    • Click Update button
      Note: This step is not required if the management VLAN is VLAN 1


  5. Click the Add New button to create the VLAN 15 interface and enable DHCP for the VLAN

    • Select 15 from the drop-down menu

    • Select Vlan Interface

    • Select Enable Administrative State

    • Select DHCP Client

    • Click Add button



      Note: You can also assign a static IP address instead of using the DHCP client. To assign a static IP address, don’t select DHCP Client, and enter the IP Address and Netmask.

      :point_right: Important: When defining a static IP address, the default gateway and DNS must already be
      configured in the Switch Group. Without the default gateway and DNS settings, the switch will
      lose connectivity to cnMaestro.

  6. Click the Save button

  7. Click the Switch Group icon and select the Switch Group


  8. Click the Switch Ports tab

  9. Click port 1 and edit the VLAN setting. Click the Save button.


  10. Navigate back to the Onboard page.

  11. Click the Approve button.

  12. Connect port 1 of the new cnMatrix switch to the uplink switch.

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